If you follow the posts at davekraft.org you know that one of my spiritual disciplines is Scripture memory. The benefit is not just memorizing a verse or two, but meditating on them and applying them in practical ways.

My one verse for July is 2 Chronicles 26:16 in the New Living Translation:

“But when Uzziah had become powerful, he also became proud, which led to his downfall…”

A very short, simple but profound verse—and so applicable to today’s leadership. The landscape is littered with fallen leaders!  In government ( think Boris Johnson), in business and in the church. 

It was John Stott who said that pride was our greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend. 

As I’ve been meditating on this verse here’s where my mind has gone:

I’ve taken the three words powerful, proud and downfall and just put some other/extra words into these words  to help me understand what could be going on here and how it may apply to me. 

If you read further in verse 16, it says that he sinned by doing something that God had specifically reserved for priests, which Uzziah was not.

Powerful: Famous, respected, rich, applauded, well-known,  well thought of, admired, followed. Getting a little more up-to-date and explicit—sold lots of books, has lots of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, asked to speak all over the country—you get the idea—all derivatives or cousins of “Powerful”

Proud: Arrogant, self-absorbed, self-sufficient, cocky, unteachable, a know-it-all, not accountable, has to have the last word on most everything, not open to being challenged or questioned on anything, has to give his permission on every idea not his own. Never asks what other people think or may have to offer. 

Downfall: Eliminated, disqualified, put aside, taken out of the game, removed by God.

I do the same thing with lots of other verses. I think of different words or phrases which can help me better understand and apply the truths to be found there.

I have a simple formula that I have used for a number of years which has helped immensely in my own spiritual maturity:


In many circles today, too much emphasis is placed on information and not enough on thinking, discussing and applying that information. 

If we just listened to one more sermon, read one more book, watched one more video, went to one more conference,  listened to one more exceptional and charismatic communication, etc. These can  certainly be a start to get the ball in the air, but it won’t win the game. 

Simply put,  information, in and of itself, cannot and will not result in transformation. 

Transformation is the result of thinking, discussion and applying practically (as we are led and empowered by the Holy Spirit) information received.

Why not take 2 Chronicles 26:16 and think through the three words  powerful, proud and downfall and see where the Spirit leads you? Then, take a verse a week and do the same thing with some key words you think of; discuss your findings with one or two close friends and ask yourself what Jesus would have you do with the truths you are now starting to understand at a deeper level.