There’s a church here in Southern California which I know of where every Sunday the preacher of the morning holds up the Bible and they all say together the following:

This is my Bible…it’s God speaking to me.

I am who it says I am

I can do what it says I can do

I can have what it says I can have

So I open my heart today

To hear God speak a word

That will change my life…forever!”

I love this.  It’s simple, true, inspiring and filled with hope.  It encourages me to spend regular time in my Bible and to ask God for grace to believe, accept and embrace what the Bible is telling me about who God is and about  who I am in Jesus.

One question that is good to ask ourselves is:

“Do I truly believe the God that I believe in?”

Before you accuse me of double talk, the question is: Do I believe what God says…not just believe in him? Do I believe God’s character, his promises, his love, etc.?  It’s one thing to say I believe in God, but quite another to believe God.  I think many Christians believe in God, but don’t really believe what he says in the Bible.

The question was once asked in a group I was part of “If we are indeed set free, why don’t we live like we are free?” 

One answer is that we really don’t believe we have been set free. As I have been reflecting on:   

  • I am who the Bible says I am
  • I can do what the Bible says I can do
  • I can have what the Bible says I can have

I added a few more along the same lines:

  • I can obey what my Bible says I can obey
  • I can experience what my Bible says I can experience
  • I can have victory, as my Bible says the victory is won
  • I am loved as my Bible says I am loved
  • I am forgiven as My Bible  says I am forgiven
  • I am saved as my Bible says I am saved

Samuel Johnson said, “People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed”

By God’s grace, I’ve reminded you of a simple truth.

In his Word, God says things that he wants me/you to believe, embrace and act on because: “It  will change our lives  FOREVER!”