It seems to me that there are big dreamers and big doers. They are not the same! Dreams need to be acted upon and implemented or they simply remain dreams that seldom happen. Dan Rockwell shares some excellent insights on turning dreams into reality. Whether you tend to dream and not act, or act without dreaming, there is something here for YOU.

Guest Post by Dan Rockwell

#1. An average person in motion is better than a lazy genius with big dreams.

#2. Talk inflates. Action humbles.

A long list of past and current actions validates character. A long list of big dreams fills your balloon with hot air.

Undone work multiplies around talkers like breeding bunnies.

Courage to act is better than skill to talk.

#3. Life shrinks when one dream leads to the next.

Life expands when you act.

Make life better now if you hope to be president tomorrow.

Big dreams diminish life until you act on them.

#4. “I am doing,” is better than, “I plan to do.”

Constant blather of climbing Mt. Everest is annoying to climbers who have done it when your greatest gift is lifting the TV remote. Slackers run to next week’s work when you ask them what they’re doing. Successful dreamers don’t live a hope-to life.

Dreams without action lead to apathy. The apathetic overflow with dissatisfaction.

#5. People who dream but don’t act become critics and complainers.

The person who hasn’t done it enjoys criticizing people who are doing it.

Bonus proverb:

#6. Great confusion calls for small action.

Inaction compounds confusion. When you can’t leap, crawl.

Do-nothing people amplify complexity when they sit around figuring out how others should do things. (Think about leadership teams who make rules for people who actually do the work.)

Confusion strangles dreams.

Projects for people with big dreams:

How will you step toward your big dream today? Think small. Be specific.

How can you turn complaints into action? Keep a list of your complaints today. Ask yourself, “What am I going to do about that?”

Clarity follows simplicity. What do you need to prune from your life?

Use today’s priorities to make a not-to-do list.

Which of the above projects can you implement today?

What proverbs might you add?