Last week I started a two-part series on Do-attitudes that go hand in glove with the beatitudes.

Last week excellence; this week, enthusiasm.

Whatever you DO, do it with ENTHUSIASM.  Dr. John Maxwell tells the story of being in a small plane with a pilot friend and noticing the attitude indicator. Not understanding how an aircraft could have an attitude, he questioned the pilot and got an education in life. Yes, a plane does have an attitude; it is the aircraft’s position in relation to the horizon.  When the nose is pointed up it is called a nose up attitude and when the nose is pointed down it is called a nose down attitude. The attitude of the plane directly affects the performance of the plane.  So it is in life.  Nose down: negative, critical, pessimistic; nose up: positive, encouraging, enthusiastic.

DL Moody was once asked how he had become the engaging, enthusiastic communicator that he was.  He responded by saying that before he was to speak, he would go out into a field by himself and ask God to set him on fire. On fire with God-given enthusiasm; amen and amen!

Do what you do with a nose up enthusiastic attitude and the performance of whatever you do will be dramatically affected for the better. Those you are teamed with and lead will also be affected. Leaders who do their best and accomplish the most in life invariably possess this contagious characteristic of enthusiasm. Paul’s advice to the Colossian believers is as relevant and essential today as it was when he first wrote it, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men” Col 3:23.