Most of you know I’m  a life-long learner. My desire is that those I have the privilege of investing in would be able to drink from a running stream rather than a stagnant pool. I am always reading, studying and thinking as I gather ideas and create new content to share.

I recently finished a book (and book note) about former president Harry S Truman Truman

He is well known for many things. During his time as president he made some incredible and far-reaching decisions that were very controversial; dropping the Atomic bombs in Japan, and deciding to engage in the Korean war.

He had a plaque on his desk that said, “The Buck Stops Here” and was famous for saying, “If you can’t  stand the heat get out of the kitchen,”  always good advice for people thinking of stepping into a leadership role. We might say, if you can’t stand the heat perhaps you shouldn’t enter the kitchen in the first place.

One of my key takeaways from “Truman” was someone who said about him, “He seems to know who he is and likes who he is.” That really got me thinking. I added one more,  so we have three:

Know who you are

Writing with a Christian world view in mind as well as a Christian view of leadership, step one has got to be to truly understand who God made you to be. Self-awareness. Both knowing who you are and who you are not is immensely helpful in charting your leadership journey and making your best and unique contribution to His kingdom purposes.

Like who you are

You can know who you are, but not like who you are; not appreciate the unique way God created you. Have you ever secretly wondered that perhaps God made a mistake when he created you? It seems that many people simply don’t like who they are. They are actually angry with God over the personality they have, their looks, or because of the gifts they don’t have. Over time they develop a negative self-image and even self-loathing. This can have its root in what people said about you growing up—a parent, sibling or teacher; lies that created self-doubt in your heart and mind.

Be who you are

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. I love a passage in The Message in Romans 12: “Let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t.” I just love that idea. If God wanted you to be somebody else, he would have made you somebody else. You are unique. God never made another person exactly like you and He never will. Enjoy who you are. Cherish who you are.  Relish who you are. Be who you are.

How about picking one of these three that you believe needs grace-filled attention and pray about how to proceed.