I delight in your decrees (Psalm 119:16)

It seems almost too simple, doesn’t it? Naïve.
At best, it sounds old fashioned and quaint.
Who comes to the Word of God with delight any more?
Aren’t we more sophisticated than that today? 
We come with determination, diligence, discipline and a sense of duty

We bring charts, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, graphs, maps, outlines, schedules, summaries, systems and study helps

We search for applications, attitudes, comparisons, concepts, contrasts, commands cross-references, examples, exhortations, illustrations, repetitions, statistics, and warnings.

We discover key words, key verses, key thoughts, key statements, and key chapters.

We develop word studies, topic studies, character studies, and prayer studies.

We use translations, paraphrases, editions, versions and revisions of versions.

We read and re-read until we become well versed.

We are experts on Bible study methods

What could the Psalmist have been thinking of; “delight myself in your decrees”

Surely, this approach is too childish for mature Bible Students! Still, some of us wonder…

Do you suppose it would be all right with the Father if we were to sort of ditch school once in a while and just curl up with a good book? It really is delightful