I love lists of things to think about, pray about and pick a few things to trust God for in my own personal and leadership development. Here are several lists from Dan Rockwell. Don’t let the lists overwhelm you. Read, think, pray and pick one or  two that will take your leadership to a new level.

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell


Extraordinary leadership is about who you are. There’s hope for all of us.

One quality rises to the top when I think of extraordinary leaders. Before I give you that quality, here’s my complete list of extraordinary leadership qualities and behaviors – minus one.


1.  Face reality.

2.  Define “better.”

3.  Live organizational values.

4.  Serve.

5.  Reach high.

6.  Take responsibility.

7.  Make decisions.

8.  Set goals.

9.  Act with boldness.

10.  Adapt.

11.  Deliver results.

12.  Measure progress.

13.  Instill confidence in others.

14.  Listen.

15.  Trust.

16.  Connect.

17.  Receive help.

18.  Delegate. (Different from #15.)

19.  Provide abundant feedback.

20.  Leverage areas of above average intelligence.

21.  Learn persistently.

22.  Develop leaders.

23.  Possess high EQ – behave authentically.

24.  Take care of yourself.


All the skill in the world won’t compensate for a stingy heart. 

Ridiculous generosity makes you remarkable.

The difference between successful and extraordinary is generosity.


1.  Humility.

2.  Courage.

3.  Compassion.

4.  Connection.

No-strings-attached generosity lifts you above the pack. Half-hearted generosity is barter.

Some will take advantage of generosity.

Be wise, but be more generous than wise.


1.  Courageously give yourself first. Generosity is about who you are.

2.  Slow down. You can’t be generous and frantic at the same time.

3.  Look for everyday opportunities to practice generosity in small ways.

4.  Define enough. What is enough for you today?

5.  Carry cash. Give yourself a daily generosity budget.

6.  Stand up for others.

7.  Forget barter. Don’t give to get. Give to give.

8.  Earn to give. Don’t give it all away. Earn more so you can give more.

9.  Hang with the lower-crust. The upper-crust is disconnected.

10.  Feel it. Generosity that doesn’t touch you is nice, not remarkable.

11.  Get your hands dirty. Don’t delegate generosity.

12.  Build channels of generosity for others.

13.  Honor generosity when you see it.

What would you add to these qualities and behaviors?

What are your top ten qualities and behaviors of extraordinary leaders?

How might you practice generosity?