I just finished another fantastic book on leadership (The Leadership Code) that is actually mentioned in my recent  Post on Designed To Lead;  the book by Eric Geiger and Kevin Post. If you haven’t yet read this post, considering doing that before you read further.

The authors of “The Leadership Code,” Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood & Kate Sweetman do an excellent job, in unpacking five key components of excellent leadership: 

1 ~ Shape the Future-Creating a vision

2 ~ Make Things Happen-Implementing that vision

3 ~ Engage Today’s TalentDeveloping the people you have

4 ~ Build the Next Generation-Finding and recruiting the people you’ll need

5 ~ Invest in Yourself –Continuing to lead yourself to become the best you can be

There is a Book Note on “The Leadership Code” under the Book Notes tab at davekraft.org. Read that, and if you like it, you can then order the book.

Here are three “Golden Nuggets” from “The Leadership Code” to whet your appetite.

“Being all things to all people generally results in succeeding with none. If you are going to be a strategist, your fundamental rule is to be clear about where you are going.”

“Leaders who execute connect the present to the future, focus on linking the short term to the long term, manage their time, engage others, and ensure accountability and consequences for delivering on time.”

“Accountability is at the heart of execution. When there is no clear accountability about who will do what, execution languishes.”