I’ve said it hundreds of times. If you’re not growing you’re not leading. Good leaders are life-long learners who continue to grow, learn and remain curious and eager to learn more; until Jesus takes them home. Here are six simple ways to grow your leadership by Brad Lomenick

Originally posted by Brad Lomenick

Leadership can be overwhelming, especially in regards to the daunting task of “continual growth as a leader.” 

So here are 6 Simple Ways to Grow in your Leadership:


Leaders are readers, pure and simple. I recommend business books, Christian living, historical biographies/autobiographies, and magazines. And of course the Bible as your #1 source. I’ve written several blog posts over the last couple of years that list out some of the most important books I’ve read. 


Jump in and help wherever needed. Ultimately, just keep leading, more and more and more. Action and repetition leads to growth and wisdom. The more you lead, the better leader you will be. And believe me, if you keep asking to take on leadership in your organization, you will continue to have more responsibility piled on you.


Learn from those around you, especially those who are more experienced, wiser, and have something to offer. Find a few leaders who you want to learn from, and seek them out. Ask them for advice.


Never before has so much content and conversations been available to us to glean from. Podcasts are now my “go to” for sitting in on conversations with leaders I admire and want to learn from. 


The prayers of a righteous man/women accomplish much. Pray for wisdom, pray for favor, opportunities, connections, new platforms, and also pray that your influence will be expanded. And pray for humility.


Hang around other leaders. Go where other leaders are. Catalyst, Leadership Summit, Leadercast, Hillsong Conference, etc. Local gatherings. Small roundtables. Large conferences. Lunches. Receptions. Whatever. Osmosis really does work when it comes to growing as a leader. And getting outside of your “norm” is essential to growth- many times just hearing how another leader is handling a situation will bring great clarity and perspective.