Character is still important and still prominent in the biblical passages on leadership. But how do you spot “Character” in potential future leaders?  Here is Dan Rockwell to help us identify character in leaders before we pick them and give them responsibilities.

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell

You dare stand with men and women of character. But, protect yourself from leaders who love position, rely on authority, and need admiration.

Character invites respect and loyalty.

Five ways to spot leaders with character:

  1. Under authority.
    • Fully embrace organizational values.
    • Speak well of those in authority.
    • Supportive of board decisions.
    • Publicly stand with decision where there was private disagreement.
  2. Able to press through resistance.
    • Tenacious when it comes to excellence.
    • Willing to suffer for principle without retaliation.
    • Serving others when it would be easier to serve self.
    • Prepared to disadvantage self for a higher cause.
  3. Open to correction.
    • Willing to acknowledge wrong.
    • Passionate about improvement.
    • Open with ideas they’re learning.
  4. Passionate about next steps.
    • Haven’t arrived.
    • Not self-sufficient.
    • Provide second chances.
    • Trust others who have expertise.
  5. Emotionally steady.
    • No tantrums.
    • Openness to suggestion.
    • Curious regarding disagreement.

A leader with character believes success is about others.

What do you look for in leaders with character?