A number of years ago I read a book by Hans Finzel about mistakes leaders make.  Recently author and speaker Matt Perman lifted some short but provocative ideas from Hans’ book about the difference between leadership dictators and leadership facilitators.

Here are those points from Matt Perman


From Hans Finzel, in his excellent book The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make.

How dictators operate:

  1. They hoard decisions.
  2. They view truth and wisdom as primarily their domain.
  3. They restrict decisions to an elite group.
  4. They surprise their workers with edicts from above.


  1. They delegate decisions.
  2. They involve others as much as possible.
  3. They view truth and wisdom as being distributed throughout the organization.
  4. They are developers.
  5. They see people as their greatest resources for ideas that will bring success.
  6. They give their people space to make decisions.
  7. They let those who are responsible decide how jobs will be done.