I’m sure we all remember (some with happy thoughts and some with not so happy thoughts) our school years when we still lived at home and had a mom and/or a dad who wanted to see our report cards.

When things were looking good we were more than delighted to show off our good grades, and when things were not looking as good we had to think of ways to not show them our report cards.  Like me, it has probably been a while since you had to reveal what was on a report card to your parent(s).

As leaders, if the Lord were assigning you grades on various subjects, how would you fare?  How about you giving yourself grades on your own leadership report card? 

Here are the leadership subjects to grade yourself on.

Now, I know you probably have never taken this many courses before at one time, but I wanted to include lots of subjects for you to give yourself a grade on. I don’t want to explain each item, trusting you will know what is meant by each of your “subjects.”

Step 1 is to grade yourself on each subject.  It’s okay to give yourself a B+ or B- (for example) if you’re not a solid B.

If you would, please take step 2, which is to have your current team grade you on these ten areas and tell you how they view your leadership.

Admittedly, this may be painful and a bit embarrassing; but if you are a life-long learner and are truly teachable and want to grow, this could be a very helpful and healthy exercise for you.

Step 3 would be to pick one area for improvement and develop your own “Personal Growth Plan.”

So, have at it for the glory of God.