Posted on September 9, 2013 by Brad Lomenick

Are you just being average? In your job? In your family? Your friendships? Your community? Your organization? Your Church? Your passions and hobbies? Your leadership

Are you typical? common? ordinary? all right? fair? everyday? commonplace? decent? moderate? customary? general? mediocre? run of the mill? tolerable? usual? All common synonyms of average. Yuck.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be mediocre or tolerable or run of the mill. And let me clarify- we’re not talking about whether you were a C student in Calculus or Chemistry or English class in high school, or being an athlete, or an amazing communicator, or an orchestra singer, or a world renowned pianist. There are certain gifts or wirings or strengths areas where I’m going to be average at best, regardless. For example, I’m an average (maybe more below average!) basketball player. I’m never going to be better than average at basketball, no matter how much I practice and work out. Same thing with singing. I’m average, but I sing with the confidence of a world renowned vocalist!

I’m referring to the things in life and leadership that we CAN control. That we can get better at. Things we can constantly improve in. That requires intentional focus and a mentality that says I’m not going to settle for just being okay. Areas where my competence can continue to grow.

Parenting. Leadership. Being a friend. Your job. Being a neighbor. Your walk with Jesus. Marriage. etc. These are the areas we should strive daily to be better than average.

Don’t be that person who just does enough to get buy and keep your job for one more day. Don’t be that person who everyone says, “yeah, it was an ok presentation, nothing out of the ordinary.” Don’t be the that leader who simply is trying to “not rock the boat” and hold on for as long as possible without stirring things up. Don’t be that person who is the last option when it comes to helping out or volunteering because you have a reputation for just showing up but not helping. Don’t be that person who your boss or employer has to painstakingly consider every quarter whether to have a sit down conversation about your performance…. “I like you Bob, but your performance and contribution to the team is just average.” Don’t be that person who no one wants on their team because they know you won’t contribute anything to the conversation or to solving the problem. Don’t be that.

There are way too many average people right now in the world. So… Right now, get up, straighten up, stand up, and do something extraordinary. Decide you want to be excellent. Do Something outstanding. Make today remarkable.

+ Being average is ….. just average. Be better than that.