By Perry Noble posted on October 3, 2012 
#1 – Is there ANYTHING that God is really dealing with me about right now that I am trying to deny?  (Denial doesn’t make us a great leader…if God’s pressing in on YOU then He wants YOU to do something.)
#2 – Am I known as the person who sits around and complains about a problem or the one who rolls up his sleeves and dives into how to deal with it
?#3 – Would I rather hear about the church down the road having a major win or a major problem?  (This reveals our heart!)
#4 – Am I known as the guy who makes promises but does not follow through or can people take me at my word?  (For the answer to this question ask those closest to you!)
#5 – What steps am I taking to increase my own leadership capacity?  (I recently saw Brian Houston tweet, “Leaders goal:  To constantly increase my capacity in order to lift the limits for others.”)
#6 – Do I genuinely care about the people God has called me to lead or am I just using them to enlarge my platform?  (For the answer to this question simply ask your direct reports how they honestly feel!)
#7 – Am I honestly and sincerely giving my best effort in what the Lord has called me to lead or am I allowing myself to slip into cruise control and complacency?
#8 – Do I lead my team through encouragement and vision casting or through intimidation and reminders of “how great things used to be?”