Acts 16:10 (ESV). “And when Paul had seen the vision, immediately we sought to go on into Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them.”

Acts 16: 10 (The Message). “The dream gave Paul his map. We went to work at once getting things ready to cross over to Macedonia.”

Paul’s vision/dream of a man asking him to come and help provided the pathway (a map) to the West rather than to the East and changed the course of history, eventually bringing the gospel to Europe and then North America.

As leaders we need both a compass and a Map.  We need a compass/dream/vision/calling to set the direction and we need a map to give us action steps/game plans/pathways to get us to where the compass is pointing.

The compass is more important then ever. If you don’t know which direction you’re going, how will you know when you’re off course?

Here are some thoughts on both compass and map!


The compass is like a telescope-longer range

The compass has to do with direction

The compass should remain the same

The compass is macro in orientation

The compass is mostly the domain of a  futuristic leader

The compass has to do with the destination/ the end


The map is like a microscope-shorter range

The map has to do with details

The map can change

The map is micro in orientation

The map is mostly the domain of the manager/administrator type

The map is a means to an end


We need to always make use of both map and compass

Operating with a map but no compass can result in no overall vision

Operating with a compass but no map can generate ideas with no concrete action

Some leaders are good with the map but not good with the compass. They are gifted in coming up with programs and activities, but there is no clear vision or direction to give long-lasting motivation and keep morale high

Some leaders are good with the compass but not with the map.  They have great dreams and visions, but are slow to get the plane in the air, slow to implement their vision.

Compass leaders need to make sure they have map people on their team

Map leaders need to make sure they have compass people on their team

Effective leaders and their teams make good, and regular, use of both compass and map