I believe with all my heart that the day of the team is in, and the day of the Lone Ranger leader is out.  Great churches and great organizations are great because they have great teams leading them. Here is food for thought from lead pastor Perry Noble of NewSpring Church in South Carolina.

By Perry Noble

February 29, 2012

“John Maxwell said it best…teamwork makes the dream work.

As I’ve reflected on the team that the Lord has blessed me with, I’ve come to the following conclusions…

  • The right team has chemistry–people don’t just love the work they do but also they love the people they’ve been called to do the work with.  If people don’t love one another, the team will be dysfunctional.
  • The right team lightens the load for everyone in the room because problems do not belong to “me” but rather they belong to “we!”
  • The right team has an open environment where truth, in love, can be spoken and people love the church and one another too much to allow team members to make a ridiculous decision.
  • The right team will embrace uncomfortable conversations and will not drift towards making everyone in the room happy but rather making the right decision.
  • The right team will refuse to allow personal preferences to dictate decisions.
  • The right team will bring in people from outside the norm when trying to make a decision that directly impacts a particular area, understanding that this does not slow down the process but actually speeds it up…people are way more likely to buy into a decision when they feel as if they’ve had input.
  • The right team will not fight to maintain status quo but rather to do everything possible to advance the cause.
  • The right team will make hard decisions, knowing that the day they don’t forces them into cruise control where the biggest desire will eventually become to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.
  • The right team is way more obsessed with their dreams of what could be rather than their memories of what has been!

I love the team I serve with!”