I usually don’t have revelations or dreams before getting ready to create a blog post, but I did this time.

Early this morning (somewhere between 2a and 4a) three words (omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent) popped into my mind. 

I leapt from bed, went into my office and wrote them down. I am going assume that this is what I am supposed to blog on today, since this is the first time this has ever happened, and I can’t remember having thought about these three words in at least ten years.

So, here we go.

I believe that God always returns by way of His promises, and His promises are always based on His character.

There are numerous names given to the Lord in scripture and those names always denote some aspect of His character. Names such as: 
ADONAI-Malachi 1:6, meaning “Lord”, a reference to the lordship of God. 
JEHOVAH—YAHWEH- Genesis 2:4, a reference to God’s divine salvation. 
JEHOVAH-MACCADDESHEM-Exodus 31:13, meaning “The Lord thy sanctifier” 
JEHOVAH-ROHI-Psalm 23:1, meaning “The Lord my shepherd” 
JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH-Ezekiel 48:35, meaning “The Lord who is present” 
JEHOVAH-RAPHA-Exodus 15:26, meaning “The Lord our healer” 
JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU-Jeremiah 23:6, meaning “The Lord our righteousness” 
JEHOVAH-JIREH-Genesis 22:13-14, meaning “The Lord will provide” 
EL-SHADDAI-Genesis 17:1,Psalm 91:1, meaning “God Almighty” 
Perhaps the most well known is El Shaddai because there is a worship song by that name in which we also find Adonai.
So let’s add to the above list with the three “O’s”

  1. Omniscient- Infinitely wise

  2. Omnipotent-Having unlimited power

  3. Omnipresent-Always everywhere at the same time

Personally, I find it very encouraging to reflect on God’s promises that are generally anchored in some character trait He possesses.

Omniscient– I often lack wisdom and am glad that James 1:5 is still in my Bible and encourages me to ask the Lord for the wisdom I need. He is wiser than all human counselors, philosophers and books ever written.  His wisdom has saved me from countless errors and sin.

Omnipotent- He is the all-powerful one. Don’t go to your Lord and tell Him how big your problems are, but go to your problems and tell them how big and powerful your Lord is. Nothing is impossible for Him to do. He has all power in heaven and on earth and we can tap into that power by virtue of our sonship. Ephesians 3:20,21

Omnipresent- I don’t understand how it works, but He is everywhere all the time. It’s no wonder I don’t understand since He is infinite and I am finite. He neither sleeps nor slumbers (Psalm 121: 3,4) but watches over me. I don’t fully understand how the internet or electricity work either,  but I avail myself of their benefits.

Thoughts of His omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are three character traits that encourage me and keep me going, by His spirit, when I am ready to quit or question His goodness and sovereignty.