My oldest grand daughter, Mimi, (age 5) lives life outloud and with an exuberance,  determination and energy supply that make the energizer bunny look like he’s standing still. My wife Susan and I have various words to describe her, but my favioite one is the “Human Hurricane.”  Trying to control her or slow her down is an exercise in futility.  Several weeks ago we were at the park and I was watching…no I  was studying her as she bounced from one piece of equipment to the other and inteacted with the children around her. She is athletic as well as energetic.

She colors outside the lines, thinks outside the bun, bends or breaks most every rule established, marchers to a different drum beat and pushes the envelop at every opportunity. That’s for starters!

She has all the qualities of a leader and like most leaders, she charts a different path than those around her. I have to tap into all the patience available to me in Jesus to be positive and not critical or judgemental when I am with her.

My role is that of developing the next generation of leaders.  I think I should start with Mimi. I have my work cut out for me!

I drew a few observations from observing and thinking about Mimi:

  1. I would rather have the task of channeling an energetic person than motivating a lethargic  person

  2. It is not a matter of breaking a strong will, but channeling that will so it can serve a higher purpose

  3. Some times the same traits that make a person difficult  to live with or work with also make them successful. For example: Refusing to quit or give up, refusing to take no for an answer, refusing to do things the way everyone else does them, getting upset when things block your ability to move forward toward a reasonable objective.

I see myself as a leader with some of the same traits that I see in five year old Mimi, but she isn’t mature enough to see them fully utilized and focused.  Her time will come when she will be leading some grand adventure for Jesus. I pray I live long enough to see it happen.