“The greatest sin of the church today is not any sin of commission or sin of omission but the sin of no mission.” So says Dave Browning of Christ the King Community Church in Bellingham, Washington in his book, “Deliberate Simplicity.”

This really got me thinking. You and I have heard it many times. There are sins of omission (not doing what I should, or could, have done).  Then there are sins of commission (doing what I should not have done. But another great sin that gets us into lots of trouble both corporately and individually as leaders in His church is having no mission; no sense of direction and destination in mind that rallies people to something better; something more God-honoring than what is. Could it be that “No Mission” is the biggest sin of omission that robs God of his honor and  robs us of our potential to make a significant difference for the kingdom?

Are you clear about what you are up to and where you are heading with your people? Are they clear? Do they understand your vision, dream and burden?