Dave Kraft

Author, Speaker, Life and Leadership Coach

Speaking on Leadership

Speaking on leadership & helping to develop leaders in your church or organization

Conducting a Seminar

  • Leaders Who Last
  • Mistakes Leaders Make

Leaders Who Last

A credible Life

  • Christ
  • Calling
  • Character
  • Connecting
  • Competence

A Compelling Vision

  • Getting a vision
  • Casting the vision
  • Communicating the vision

A Cohesive Team

  • The need for a team
  • Identify and select the team
  • Develop and deploy the team

Mistakes Leaders Make


  • Ministry Replacing Jesus
  • Comparing Replacing Contentment
  • Pride Replacing Humility
  • Pleasing People Replacing Pleasing God
  • Busyness Replacing Visioning
  • Frugality Replacing Faith
  • Artificial Harmony Replacing Difficult Conflit
  • Hurting People Replacing Hungry Leaders
  • Information Replacing Transformation
  • Control Replacing Trust