As some of you may know, I try to memorize a new verse or a couple of verses each month—portions of Scripture that resonate with me on a personal level and which I believe can be of encouragement to others.

This  year I’m reading through the New Testament in the Passion Translation. Several weeks ago, I finished the book of Acts.

I was deeply impacted by Acts  18:9 and picked it to be one of my memory verses.

“One night, the Lord spoke to Paul in a supernatural vision and said, ‘don’t ever be afraid. Speak the words that I give to you and don’t be intimidated.’ ”

As is often the case when meditating and praying over a new verse or a few verses that I’m memorizing, I get some tremendous insight and encouragement.

Allow me to share some thoughts I’ve been having  on two things I don’t want to be:

  1. Don’t be afraid
  2. Don’t be intimidated


You may have heard that the command to not fear or be afraid is the most repeated command in all of the Bible.

As I look at what’s going on around the world, in the USA and in the state of California there is plenty to be afraid of. All of this can cause great anxiety and worry for me. If I didn’t believe that He is sovereign and the blessed controller of all things I would win the “Worry-Wart” contest.

Then when I think of my own life, my wife, kids and gran kids there are things that can be cause for worry:

  • Fear of bad health
  • Fear of failing In my calling and work
  • Fear of moral failure and disqualification
  • Fear of a financial shortfall and running out of money as I get older
  • Fear of tragedy striking my wife, my kids or grandkids

These are just a few things that come to mind

I note that the Lord told Paul to not EVER be afraid. I’m still thinking and praying about what that would look like for me and how to experience that.

We all know passages of Scripture that tell is not to worry but to pray. Philippians 4:6,7 perhaps the most quoted.  Look it up if you are not familiar with it.


You would think that after having walked with Jesus for 64 years I would be over being intimidated by anyone. But it’s still an issue for me from time to time.

  • What will people think if I do this or that?
  • Will people still like or respect me if I make a bad decision?
  • Will people not want me to teach, lead or serve because of some issue I battle?

When I (or you) stand up to speak to a group of people, I’m  going to guess there may be a few watching and listening who are people you respect and esteem and you might be tempted to not share what God is asking you to share because you are intimidated by them; their influence, the damage they could do if they told others what they think about you.

The question can always be lurking in your mind. What will they think?

I’m praying that I will learn to not fear and not be intimidated! A tall order indeed, but one I believe God can deliver on! I’m excited to see how He will work in my life in these two areas. Oh to keep my eyes on Him, living for an audience of One!