One oldie but goody book on leadership by J Oswald Sanders is “Spiritual Leadership.”

It’s one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read on leadership. I have taken at least two groups of leaders through this book. I would strongly encourage all leaders reading this post to get a copy, read it, study it and apply the leadership principles you’ll find in the book. This book is on my list of my ten recommendations on leadership; books that are a must read!

Chuck Lawless shared three tests from “Spiritual Leadership” to help you  to understand f you have succumbed to “Leadership Ego.”

Guest Post by Chuck Lawless

J. Oswald Sanders’ book, Spiritual Leadership, is challenging and convicting. Take some time today to do this test from his book:

The victim of pride is often least aware of the sin. Three tests help us identify the problem:

The test of precedence. How do we react when another is selected for the position we wanted to fill? When another is promoted in our place? When another’s gifts seem greater than our own?


The test of sincerity. In our moments of honest self-reflection, we often admit to problems and weaknesses. How do we feel when others identify the same problems in us?


The test of criticism. Does criticism lead to immediate resentment and self-justification? Do we rush to criticize the critic?

What is your personal assessment?