One of the most difficult decisions leaders make is letting someone go. This is especially so when the individual has been with you for a long time and is well-liked. Brian Howard, president of Acts 29 shares a very important thing to consider before pulling the trigger!

Guest Post by Brian Howard– 

Does someone on your team need to go? Are you sure? There is a time when you need to let go of a person on your team. You may need to release a person from your team because of character, competence, or chemistry.

Before you let any person from your team, you must  make sure that you have made expectations clear.

You are making a mistake to let a person go when you have not carefully considered whether or not you have made expectations explicitly clear.

Beyond making expectations clear, you MUST ALSO make sure that you have done all you can to give every person on your team regular feedback throughout their time as a team member. Surprising a person by letting them go without first having many conversations is a mistake.

Every person on your team should be getting regular feedback concerning what she is doing well and what she needs to improve on. It’s your job to make sure that happens. It would be best if you had given lots of work performance feedback before letting a person go. When a person is let go, it should never be a surprise.

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