From time to time I’m asked what sort of things do those I coach struggle with and want help with. I generally say it falls into two categories:

1.  Personal organization and energy/time stewardship.

2.  Making good choices for the people they bring onto their teams to help accomplish the vision and goals.

Here is a process that can be followed that will enhance success and fruitfulness in any group, church or organization:

Why does the entity exist? What is it’s expressed purpose and reason for being?

Who do you need to be and who do you need to have around you to have the kind of team that will get the things done that honor the Lord? What qualities do the people you want need to possess?

What Exactly do you want to accomplish in the next 3 months, 6 months 12 moths?

How will these things get done? What is the specific action/plan to accomplish these things?

When will these things get done? Put a finish date in the calendar by which they will be finished and back up from there to decide what needs to happen each week prior to the finish date

The key in this process is finding the right people (who) can accomplish things and execute consistently with excellence. I read a  book titled, “Who: The method for hiring.” It’s a solid read with lots of good practical ideas on hiring the right people. The same principles would also apply in working with volunteers in the church or any not-for-profit organization that uses volunteers.

From the book, here is a list of competencies that top leaders are saying characterize A players they want and need who will make things happen. 

The list is titled, “Critical Competencies for A Players.”

Rather then rolling your eyes when reading this and saying “No way Jose,”  look at the list prayerfully and pick one or two that you want to get better at personally. Then keep these attributes in mind  when bringing on new people and challenging  the people you currently have.  Good leaders are growing leaders who desire to be stretched to their true potential and capacity.



Organization and planning


Follow-through on commitments


Analytical skills

Attention to detail



Ability to spot and develop other “A Players”


Calm under pressure

Strategic thinking/visioning



Work ethic

High standards

Listening skills

Openness to criticism and ideas