Making the best of your job the most of your job is a thought from Marcus Buckingham.

Marcus has written two books that have been immensely helpful to lots of people and you will find “Book Notes” on my blog for them:

1.  “Go Put Your Strengths to Work”

2.  “The Truth About You”

If having a job you actually look forward to doing is an issue for you, I recommend that you check out these two books by Marcus Buckingham.

From the study and research I have done over the years on job fit (and people really liking their jobs), the conclusion I have come to is that most people don’t like their jobs. They live for the weekend and dread “blue Monday” when they have to return to work.

It’s so sad to spend a good chunk of your life doing something you are perhaps not very good at and don’t enjoy. I have always enjoyed the truth of Ecclesiastes 5:19: “Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work—this is a gift from God” (NIV).

Work is not punishment for the sin committed by Adam and Eve. Work was assigned to them before the fall. Work is a privilege in order to live out how God has created you and use the gifts he has bestowed on you.

It seems many people never seem to find the best fit. They spend a lot of their time at work on things that weaken rather than strengthen them. My dad was a locksmith most of his life. He confessed on numerous occasions that he was good at it and made a good living for his family, but he never really liked it.

He was not a happy camper most of his working life, but was willing to continue as a locksmith with the hope that he could retire early and do something else. He died at 52 and never got to that something else. I learned a great lesson through observation.

I’d rather do what I am good at and enjoy while making less money than making a lot of money doing what I’d rather not be doing. Since work occupies such a large portion of many people’s lives, it makes sense to get a good handle on who you are and where your greatest and most helpful contribution would be.

The key is to be gift/strength based; not need/money based in my job/career/leadership position choices…

Here are a few practical suggestions:

  1. Begin the process of crafting a purpose statement for yourself. If you email – I will send you a document to get you started in this. This will provide a roadmap/blueprint to help you in making good career choices.
  2. Talk to some people who know you well and solicit a list of activities that they feel you are good at.
  3. Read the “Book Notes” for the two Buckingham books mentioned above.
  4. Volunteer in some areas that incorporate the activities you are good at.
  5. Initiate a conversation with your boss on spending more time on the things you are best at and less time on the things you are not. It will be a win for your employer and for you personally.
  6. Pray asking the Lord for his guidance and leadership in this area of your life
  7. If you know you are in the wrong job slot that has little to do with who God made you, don’t be afraid to consider another line of work. Life is too short to be miserable.