Had their identity in Jesus and were experiencing intimacy with Jesus

Were not so concerned about what people are saying “about” them and more concerned about what Jesus is saying “to” them

Would be courageous enough to have the tough conversations and make the difficult decisions 

Had a clear idea of where we are heading with all our activities and programs

Led “themselves” well before trying to lead “us” well

Were hearing regularly from God

Had accountability with a few people who are given permission to speak into their lives

Owned their sin and did not blame others or make excuses for themselves

Prayed more and hurried less

Would get enough sleep and practice Sabbath as a principle not just a day

Prioritized their families instead of working too many hours and giving them the “left-overs”

Learned how to say yes to the best use of their time and no to the poor use of their time given their calling, vision and gifts

Were not afraid to speak truth to power

Took time to think and plan and not live from crisis to crisis

Didn’t hurry through the vetting and hiring process for new staff or team members and thereby bring on people who don’t truly fit

Weren’t afraid to let someone go when it’s clear to most everyone that this needs to happen

Had some fun and didn’t take everything so seriously