Far too many Christian leaders live in constant defeat and self pity. It holds them down, holds them back, and keeps them from experiencing all that God has for them.

Self pity is one of the devil’s most effective tactics. At times, what begins as self pity can evolve into depression that can last for years.

Self pity is a result of focusing on yourself;  your problems, your impossibilities, your defeats and, for all practical purposes,  leaving God out of the equation.

Here are some thoughts which I have adapted from Kris Vallotton on Instagram

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself, there is always someone in worse straights than you. Self pity can be  a wall between you and the miracles Jesus wants to perform in your life.

Self pity is a sure fire way to experience a life-time of defeat and discouragement. Life will knock you down and feeling sorry for yourself can keep you down permantely!

6 ideas to help you escape the clutches of self pity:

1.  Stop complaining about your circumstances (Philippians 2:14)

2.  Write down a few things you are thankful for and pray about them daily for a few weeks (I Thessalonians 5:18)

3.  Find someone who is facing bigger difficulties and challenges then you are and serve them in the name of Jesus

4.  Ask God for His perspective on your problems

5.  Focus on solutions and beware of your so called “friends” who don’t encourage you to face your problems, but rather complain about them,  and run from them

6.  Don’t quit and, by His grace, refuse to give up ( I Corinthians 15:58)