How you view and invest the “Time” you have been given reveals a lot about your leadership!

The hourglass of time is running. 

You can’t stop it, reverse it or demand a replay.  What you can do is wisely invest what you have.  Your skill at making the most of your limited supply of time can make the difference between being a winner or a loser in the Christian life as it pertains to being the best you can be for the Lord.

I have some good news for you!  Being skillful in wisely using your time is something that can be learned. Do you ever find yourself coming late to meetings or commitments? Do you experience that you are often in a hurry…eating, driving, talking fast…honking at your own tail-light in the traffic of life as it were?  

I was once in a jewelry shop and saw a sign on the counter that said: “Don’t rush me, the hurrier I go the behinder I get.” If you can identify with any of the above, perhaps you need to take a long and prayerful look at your “Philosophy of Time.”

Do you ever say, “Oh, if I only had more time” or “I’d like to, but I just don’t have the time?”   There are two facts we need to know:  l) We all have the same amount of time; and, 2) We have all the time we need to do what God wants us to do. 

When we make excuses about not having enough time, it means we are either doing the wrong things or we are doing the right things in the wrong way. Lack of time is (probably) never the problem, but the wise investment of our time is; values and priorities is what’s at stake.

From Psalm 90:l2 we learn that the proper use of time can be learned, that we should be conscious of time, and that each day is important. Ephesians 5:15‑18further teaches us that there is a relationship between our use of time and understanding and doing the will of God. It is pointed out in Ecclesiastes 9:11that what makes the significant difference is taking advantage of the time and opportunities we are afforded.

Being punctual is one aspect of how we view time. Punctuality in getting things done in a timely manner and showing up in a timely manner to appointments or meetings reveals a lot about your leadership and about your love for other people with whom you work.

When it comes to being punctual, there are four types of leaders:

1.  Those who show up or get things done early and enjoy the peace that comes from staying ahead of things and not being in catch-up mode most/all of the time.

2.  Those who show up and get things done in the nick of time or at the last minute, praying that things will somehow work out.

3.  Those who generally show up late and are a bit late in getting most everything done, at times missing important deadlines and then place the blame elsewhere.

4.  Those who don’t know what time it is or don’t remember when things were to be done!

Be brutally honest with yourself now! Which one of these four do you tend to be and what kind of price might those you work with be paying for your lack of consideration or organization?