We are all creatures of habit—some good habits and some bad ones. Sometimes great improvement in life, family and leadership can be the result of building a  simple, new, good habit or breaking a bad one. Dan Rockwell shares two simple questions to daily ask yourself that can literally change each and very day for you.

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell

Leadership always has trajectory. What’s yours?

  1. How is your attitude breathing vitality into others?
  2. How are your actions strengthening relationships?

Daily rituals establish trajectory.

A two question ritual to change your day:

#1. What one thing would you like to do less today?

Suggestion one: Stop looking at your phone while you’re with people. The presence of a cell phone lowers performance and hinders relationships.

Suggestion two: Stop complaining for a day. (Well, maybe just an hour.) Every now and then, I resolve to stop complaining. One time, I only lasted a few minutes.

If complaining made things better, the world would be perfect.

Complainers are victims.

Suggestion three: Stop avoiding tough situations.

Experience shows that avoiding tough situations:

  1. Drains vitality. Dripping faucets suck the life out of you.
  2. Prolongs ignorance. Stepping into a tough situation is a learning opportunity.
  3. Inflates negativity. The longer you wait, the more you imagine the worst.

Suggestion four: Stop obsessing about stuff you don’t like.

#2. What one thing would you like to do more today?

Suggestion one: Take responsibility for the trajectory of your leadership by choosing actions and words that express aspirations.

How might you adopt an attitude that makes it more likely your team will follow you?

Suggestion two: Decide what you like in terms of actions and attitudes and do that.

Suggestion three: Write a sentence that describes the way you’d like to show up today.

Suggestion four: Notice what’s working.

When was the last time you walked around noticing – with gratitude – things that are working?

Bonus question:

What’s one thing you stopped doing that you’d like to start doing again today?

  1. Walk around.
  2. Smile.
  3. Keep a to-do list.
  4. Close your door for “Deep Work.”

What suggestions seem most relevant for you?

What suggestions might you add to the list?

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