From a leadership perspective, one of my favoriate passages of Scripture is Exodus 18: 13-27.  It is as old as the hills and as relevant as a course at Harvard Graduate School. 

It is no secret that many, if not most, leaders are weary and borderline burnouts. Here in this passage, Jethro offers timeless advice to Moses and those he led. The key verse in the passage is verse 21, where Moses is instructed to not do it all alone but select other leaders described as men who:

  • Are competent-“Able”
  • Are God motivated and centered-“Fear God”
  • Are filled with Character-“Trustworthy, hate a bribe”
  • Are gifted with  capacity for their specific role-“Chiefs of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens”

As I am on the hunt for the next generation of leaders, here are four qualities that I want to be thinking and praying about. There are, of course other essentials, but this is a good start.