I like to say that there are two broad categories of leaders~ idea generators and idea implementers. Each needs the other. Sometimes the dreamers need protection from going over the edge with their “Dreamy Ideas.” Dan Rockwell shares some ideas on protecting dreamers from self-destruction.

God bless the dreamers. Long may they live!

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell


Dreamers don’t feel they need protection.

Don’t let dreamers:

  1. Control financial decisions without input from doers and feelers.
  2. Set milestones and create deadlines. Dreamers don’t understand how much work is required and how long it will take.
  3. Over improve insignificance. Surprisingly, dreamers can lose sight of the big picture and get stuck improving unimportant details.
  4. Prepare for contingencies. Dreamers expect things to magically come together. They don’t anticipate problems.
  5. Get involved in long projects. Dreamers have the attention span of a chipmunk in traffic. 

3 ways to maximize dreamers:

  1. Use their drive and optimism to generate momentum by creating small wins. The clearer the dream, the greater the vitality it produces.
  2. Focus dream-energy. Six questions to focus dreamers:

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is this project?” Don’t let dreamers chase every shiny object.

“How are people’s lives made better?” Look for concrete benefits.

“How much improvement are you achieving through these efforts?”

“How might you focus your energy on big issues?”

“Who can help you make this happen?”

“How will you ignite the energy of doers and feelers?”

3. Challenge dreamers to focus on people as well as projects.

Ask dreamers to list the strengths of everyone on the team.

Honor the strengths they see. Nothing’s good enough for dreamers. This includes people. Expect dreamers to celebrate the strengths of others.

Explain where the current team might be able to go.

Maximize the dreamers drive to make things better.

Projects, programs, properties, or profits are about goals. Leadership dreams always end up being about people.

How might leaders maximize dreamers?

What strengths and weaknesses do you see in dreamers?