I think that all leaders have fears oF one kind or another. What those fears are depends on the stage of ministry they find themselves in , what’s going on with those they are leading and some of the decisions and issues they may be currently facing. Are there certain fears germane to younger leaders? Chuck Lawless shares 10 fears he thinks younger leaders have.

Originally posted by Chuck Lawless

10 fears of young church leaders

What do young leaders fear?

Almost every day, I work with young people preparing for ministry. They are some of the most gifted, committed young adults I’ve ever met in 20+ years of serving as a professor. At the same time, though, they have fears that my older generation must recognize:

  1. They’ll have to minister alone. Often, this concern is a theological commitment to a plurality of leaders. At other times, though, it’s simply a fear that they’ll have to learn ministry without anyone walking with them.
  2. They won’t be able to provide well for their family. They plan to work hard to pay their bills, but they’re concerned they’ll always have to worry about finances.
  3. Their churches won’t grow. Even those who verbally say, “Numbers don’t really matter” still fear that churches will decline on their watch.
  4. They won’t know how to balance everything. They already struggle in this arena, and they’re smart enough to know that full-time ministry employment will make it more difficult.
  5. They won’t have genuine friends in ministry. They’re particularly concerned for their spouses and their children, especially when ministry calls them away from their family. 
  6. They’ll fall morally. They’ve heard so many stories of pastors falling that they fear they’ll be the next in that tragic line.
  7. They’ll hit the wall of “old people who don’t want to change.” They’re often responding more to stories of others rather than their own (in)experience, but their fears are nevertheless real.
  8. They won’t know what to do. They’re beginning to see that ministry is complex, and cultural changes aren’t making it easier. Their ego struggles in admitting it, but they fear they won’t have a clue what to do in many ministry situations.
  9. They’ll make wrong career moves. They know others who’ve made moves resulting in misery and questioning, and they worry that they’ll make the same mistakes.
  10. Their friends will be better known than they are. This issue of pride lurks deep in the heart of a young church leader, but it’s frequently there.

Young leaders, what do you fear? Older leaders, what did you fear most when you were younger?