A number of years ago Warren Myers (one of my early mentors, who has since gone to be with Jesus) returned from an overseas trip and I picked him up at the airport.  He had been working on the attributes and qualities of the type of person who would make a good cross-cultural missionary. He shared his list with me as I drove him home.  He then asked me (always amazed me that he wanted my opinion on anything…he was one of the most teachable and eager learners I have known) what I thought. I told him that one trait seemed to be missing…teachability. He added it.

Be careful with this one!

Fast forward 50+ years. Recently I watched a 30-second video clip from a leader on what he thought was a leader’s greatest fault.

Following that clip, and for several weeks running, various leaders from around the country would be weighing in on what, in their opinion, would be a leader’s greatest fault.

What do you think a leader’s greatest fault would be?

Would it be:

  1. Insecurity?
  2. Pride?
  3. Sexual impurity?
  4. Ministry idolatry?
  5. Financial mismanagement?
  6. Lack of honesty/integrity?

After many years of thinking and praying about this, my answer would be:


The same trait I mentioned to Warren Myers.  Maybe it’s true that some things never change.

Dave, you can’t be serious in saying that teachability is more important than a leader’s walk with Jesus?

Yes, I am. 

If a leader is walking with Jesus but is not teachable, he/she won’t continue to hear from God (and others) and continue to grow and mature.

This unteachable leader will eventually fall into other sins and disqualify him/herself. If a person is truly teachable, God can get through to them on every other issue or sin. If the leader is truly teachable, then other people will have permission and freedom to speak into his/her life.

Here is my favorite verse on being teachable:

“And you say, Oh if only I had listened.  If only I had not demanded my own way.  Oh, why wouldn’t I take advice, why was I so stupid?”

Proverbs 5:12-13 (The Living Bible)

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree? Have at it! Let me hear from you on this.