Every church leader would like to see the church they are a part of grow. Why is it that some seem to grow while others do not?What, by His grace, can we do to cooperate with the Triune God to see good God-given growth happen in his church today? Here are some excellent thoughts from Ron Edmondson.

Originally posted by Ron Edmondson

7 Leadership Paradigms Needed for Church Growth

I speak with churches every week who want to grow again, but nothing they do seems to work. I have heard people say it’s often a vision problem. It could be, but I think they are likely other reasons.

In fact, the church – although it may not be living it – actually has the clearest, best defined vision of anyone. We are to “Go and make disciples”.

There are obvious problems in these churches – for example, most aren’t really doing anything new. They do the same things they’ve always done, maybe tweaking some minor aspect, but for all practical purposes, it’s the same.