Many if not most of those I coach, or have coached, struggle with time and energy management. Thom Rainer shares some excellent thoughts on “Keys to making time when you have none.”

Originally posed by Thom Rainer

We discuss a topic we get questions on quite often: time management. The biggest key to time management is having a calendar and sticking with it, but in ministry, that can be difficult. So we highlight that and how to handle your time when ministry gets off schedule.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

It’s easy to get busy in ministry and not do the right things.

In most parts of the country, there is a college nearby where you can find someone who would intern at your church.

You need to plan hospital visits to maximize effectiveness and minimize time spent.

Instead of doing tasks you like first, do those that are critical first.

Put everything on your calendar, and add time to it if possible to account for contingencies.

Life happens, so sometimes a calendar gets blown up.

Counseling is the one area that can eat up time more than any other aspect of ministry.

The 12 keys to making time when you have none are:

1.  Don’t be a perfectionist

2.  Learn what equipping really means

3.  Identify potential interns

4.  Plan ministry visits strategically

5.  Stay within your ministry guardrails

6.  Prioritize your work (“gotta do’s” go first)

7.  Understand the difference in “want to do” and “have to do”

8.  Learn the secret of batching

9.  Calendar project preparation and contingencies

10.  Stick to your schedule

11.  Be cautious of scope creep (counseling)

12.  Do not compromise personal devotion and family time