One of the keys to longevity in ministry is to delegate to capable people and then get out of their way and let them do their job. Another way of saying the same thing is to influence the influencers. Identify, recruit and develop good talent and turn them loose. Dan Rockwell shares with us four ways to reach your ultimate goals by focusing on, and investing in, key influencers

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell


Lousy leaders are over-involved and frantic.

The leader’s ultimate goal is building teams that excel without them.

#1. Identify influencers.

Look beyond job titles or positions that may obscure true influencers in your organization. The self-protective good ole boy’s club may be a roadblock to maximizing true influencers.

10 questions to identify the real influencers in your organization:

1.  Who is authentic and genuine? Influencers have heart.

2.  Who believes in important ideas? Look for people who believe in excellence, consistency, and making things better, for example. Drifters aren’t influencers.

3.  Who is dependable?

4.  Who do people look to when they have questions or need help?

5.  Who do people gather around when having conversations?

6.  Who is working to make themself and others better?

7.  Who solves problems and remains optimistic at the same time?

8.  Who is willing to try things?

9.  Who has an exceptional skill or talent?

10.  Who do people trust?

Tip: Get over the idea that no one is quite good enough, when searching for influencers. Work with people who are almost good enough.

Spend time with real influencers, especially if they don’t have titles.

#2. Build relationships with influencers.

Don’t be formal and stiff. Forget about agendas. Connect with influencers by understanding who they are and celebrating their talent.

#3. Develop influencers.

Explore where they want to go, not where you want them to go.

Offer to be helpful.

Provide new opportunities.

Connect them with other influencers.

Help them stop doing things that waste their talent. 

#4. Challenge and release influencers.

5 questions that help leaders capitalize on influencers:

1.  How might you challenge influencers to stretch their talent?

2.  How might you challenge influencers to challenge themselves?

3.  What can you do to get out of the way?

4.  How might leaders create environments that leverage the power of many influencers?

5.  How might influencers create new influencers?

How might leaders create teams that excel without them?