What if we tried____? What if we stopped_____? What if we quit listening to those who keep telling us it won’t work?  What if we believed God for the impossible in ______.

Here are a few more “What If’s” from Dan Rockwell

Originally posted by  Dan Rockwell


Stop asking, “What about?” Start asking, “What if?”

What if the people you’re trying to please approved of you? How would you spend your energy? Living to please others is serving fear.

Serve freely.

What if you’re preparing for problems that won’t happen? It’s true. Bad things happen. Anticipating problems is useful, but not if that’s all you do.

Press forward.

What if you’re imperfect? Your knowledge, skills, and talents are lacking. Imperfection is permission to try. Don’t use imperfection as an excuse. I hate the thought that imperfection becomes indulgence and entitlement. 

Bring what you have.

What if success is serving, not working for artificial results? Think less about the scoreboard and more about the game.

Show up to serve.

What if the perfect set of circumstances doesn’t exist? You’re waiting for the stars to align, but they aren’t cooperating. Now what?

Stay busy.

What if you stopped feeling sorry for yourself? Think of the energy you might experience if it wasn’t wasted on self-pity, anger, or resentment.

Release disappointment.

What if?