Marcus Buckingham was another keynote speaker at this year’s Global Leadership Summit sponsored by Willow Creek Church in Chicago. 

I relish and profit immensely from everything that Marcus has written and he has written a lot, most of which I have read.

He has popularized the concept of strength-based work–making the bestof your work the most of your work. Focusing on your strengths, not on your weaknesses.

He stated that the whole purpose of work is to do what you love, with people you love, which is tied to a mission you love. That pretty well sums it all up. It’s a tall order, but not an impossible one for the God we serve.

Here are  seven excellent questions he suggested we ask ourselves as it relates to the work we do; whether it’s in the market place or in the church.

1)  Am I really enthusiastic about the mission of my organization?

2)  At work do I clearly understand what is expected of me?

3)  Am I surrounded by people on my team who share my values?

4)  Do I have the chance to use my strengths everyday at work?

5)  Do my teammates have my back?

6)  Do I believe I will be recognized for excellent work?

7)  Do I have great confidence in my company’s future?

Before you quickly leave this and move on to do something else, how about just pausing and praying for a few moments to answer these questions for yourself. Then ask yourself what you can do to change things a bit so there is more joy in Jesus with what you do day-to-day.