Some short, insightful and powerful random thoughts on leadership from Brad Lomenick.

Originally posted by Brad Lomenick

1. Work environments and team structures going forward will look more like Hollywood film crews. They come together for a project but don’t work together full time. 

2. The future (and now) of being a leader is more the role of aggregator and facilitator, compared to the role of manager and boss.

3. The rise of the entrepreneur is upon us, but also the rise of the intrapreneur is upon us. The leader within (intra) an organization who leads with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

4. Power is in the community. No longer does the top down hierarchical leader now have all the power and control.

5. In general, the new “conference” is small, niche focused, and practical, compared to the past model of large, generic, and inspiring. 

6. Storytelling must be part of your influence strategy, marketing plan, and overall brand building plan. Without it you’re just another commodity fighting for attention. 

7. The Gig economy is upon us. Free agency is not just a sports term, it’s a business and cultural mainstay.

8. No one is born world class. It takes hard work to get there. 

9. Leaders words weigh 1,000 pounds. You have the power to lift up or pull down others with your words.

10. Many leaders quit right before the breakthrough. Stick with it. The messy middle of discipline and perseverance paves the way for potential upside and success. 

11. We need to be reminded just as often as instructed. Leadership is about repetition as much as revelation.