I have a Vision Statement and a Purpose Statement that keep me both motivated and energized. They serve as a roadmap, a compass and blueprint to help guide me in decisions on the best use of my time and energy.

My Vision Is…

Influencing thousands of leaders in hundreds of churches all over the world in having biblically based, Holy Spirit empowered and Jesus honoring lives and ministries.

My Purpose Is…

To help equip and empower the next generation of leaders in local churches by:

  • Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Writing 

I coach about 27 leaders around the world as a professional coach with Ministry Coaching International. I blog three times a week here at “Leadership From The Heart” and I teach when given the opportunity.

Most of my teaching these days is centered around seminars I conduct based on my two books, “Leaders Who Last” (LWL) and “Mistakes Leaders Make” (MLM).

This year I have fifteen seminars scheduled. I am now booking dates for 2014 —> I want to encourage you to consider hosting one of these seminars in your church.

Please let me know of your interest, davekraft763@gmail.com.

Here’s some of the feedback I have received from the LWL seminars. I am humbled and grateful that I am given these opportunities:

Dave Kraft is that guy you want to be when you reach your 70s. Still going strong. Walking faithfully with Jesus. Saturated with Scripture. Oozing with passion for the mission of Jesus. The stuff in his seminar isn’t rocket science. It’s basic leadership stuff. The genius is in the way Dave makes it practical, accessible, and engaging. The Leaders Who Last seminar helped my team identify some areas of glaring weakness in our leadership–weaknesses we wouldn’t have seen without his help and insight. This seminar is well worth a day of your time. Don’t worry – all the needy people, leadership challenges, and missional chaos in your church will still be there tomorrow. The difference is: you’ll be better equipped to lead well, for the glory of God, the health of your soul, and the good of your city. I highly recommend The Leaders Who Last Seminar.

Bob Thune 

Acts 29 Pastor in Omaha, Neb.

Leaders Who Last is an excellent seminar that was helpful on many levels. We were able to bring together church and ministry leaders from around our city as well as adjacent cities and areas and focus a day on leading well. Many who attended were challenged to think through not only how they are raising up leaders, but also how to raise up leaders who can run the race well. In addition to the seminar, the time our team got to spend with Dave was excellent as he helped us process through issues unique in our church as we continue to grow and develop as a church plant. Finally, I benefited greatly from personal time with Dave as he helped me, leader-to-leader, work through some leadership issues I’m personally struggling with.

Todd E. Bumgarner

Planter | Pastor 

2 Pillars Church in Lincoln, Neb.

I wanted to write and thank you for your time that you invested in our people over the Leaders Who Last seminar. It was a great event and a big encouragement for our people. We used the event to train our group leaders as well as area church planters and their leaders. It was fun to watch churches of different sizes apply the materials.

The book is a great resource for leadership and training. It is packed with resources, tools, ideas and teaching to help in leadership development.  

The time together was packed with helpful information, instruction and interaction among the participants. One of the biggest positive feedbacks we received was how beneficial the interactive moments were to make people think through how to apply what they were learning. It was also helpful to dialogue with others about ideas on how to apply the information.  

I felt like the weekend was a great help for our leaders. I have heard great follow-up comments and references since our time together. Thanks again for your investment and time with LifePoint Church.

Lane Harrison 

Lead Pastor

LifePoint Church in Ozark, MO

I could not think of a better investment of our time or resources in having Pastor Dave Kraft pour into our key leaders from all over the country. Pastor Dave’s book, Leader’s Who Last, and the seminar he has built around the principles and practices in the book are exactly what each of our leaders need to hold onto and grasp for the future health and impact of our ministry. Personally I was challenged and encouraged by the time I got to spend listening and interacting with the material from Pastor Dave. In fact, I have already been working to implement three key takeaways from the sessions. I would highly recommend this resource as a way to invest into the leaders you have the opportunity to serve in your church or ministry.

Ryan Sather

COO, Here’s Life Inner City

Urban Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ

Minneapolis, MN 

After serving in the church world and attending countless conferences and seminars, not to mention listening to innumerable leadership talks and preachers I can say the Dave Kraft Seminar was a super breath of fresh air. I was personally challenged in my own life in a “rubber meets the road” kind of way. Dave’s content and message not only met me personally while addressing our team of pastors and lay-leaders; his seminar proved effective for both full-time pastors and volunteers alike from our city. We hosted the event with pastors and leaders joining us from our city, cumulatively around 10 churches. The overall feedback for the “Leaders Who Last” seminar was super encouraging and we would recommend this seminar to any church and/or group of churches.

Josh Yakos

Lead Pastor

Clark Fork City Church

2811 Latimer Missoula Montana, 59808

www.clarkforkcitychurch.org – 406-721-7804 

Our church family just hosted Dave Kraft’s “Leaders Who Last” seminar and I want to encourage you to consider hosting one in your home church. Building on hisLeaders Who Last book, the seminar provides an amazing one-day overview of some of the best thinking on leadership around! On the day of the Saturday seminar our worship center was filled with leaders and emerging leaders from both the church I lead, Risen King Community Church, and our daughter church called The Stirring. Dave’s teaching style is engaging and he intentionally gives space for personal reflection and group interaction. He is also very purposeful in directing participants to identify practical next steps to apply what they are learning. It was a great time together and I believe it made a lasting impact in the lives of the leaders who were there.

Bill Randall

Lead Pastor

Risen King Community Church

Redding, CA 

Leaders Who Last was the best leadership seminar I’ve ever been a part of. Pastor Dave came to OKC to fight for my heart (and the rest of the folks who were there). That may sound overly dramatic but my heart is a mess. I love Jesus and I love me. I want to glorify God but I also want to be praised. I want to please Christ and I want to please people. Like I said my heart is messy. It’s mixed with new desires from the Holy Spirit and old desires from my flesh. Proverbs 4:23 says “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

Dave reminded us that leadership is first a heart issue. Our identity in Jesus and our intimacy with Jesus is the foundation of leadership.

Dave also gave us the best and most practical material I’ve ever heard on team building and vision. The Leaders Who Last seminar is pure gold for any leader who wants to be faithful and fruitful. After spending time with Dave Kraft I have fresh love for Jesus and the Word, a new hatred for my pride, and lots of tools in my leadership belt.

Josh Kouri

Lead Pastor

Frontline Church

A29 Network

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

All glory and thanks to Jesus for all of this.  

“So you’re the one for whom we wait.  You made it all and you do it all.” Jeremiah 14:22 The Message.