A leader obviously does well to promote positivity and high morale on the team. Some things the leader may be doing can promote the exact oppositeand lower the productivity and morale of the team.

Here is Dan Rockwell with seven things you don’t want to do as a leader and ten things you definitely do want to do! 

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell

Unhappiness is easier than happiness like lousy leadership is easier than remarkable. 

The best way to promote unhappiness is to neglect happiness.

Leaders who neglect happiness lead unhappy teams. 

7 ways leaders promote unhappiness:

  1. Waste energy avoiding stuff. Protection is necessary but it doesn’t build the future.
  2. Keep telling people what you don’t want and don’t like.
  3. Accept nothing less than perfection.
  4. Compare the present to the good ole days.
  5. Belittle. Remind people of their weaknesses and failures.
  6. Don’t play. Work all the time.
  7. Punish initiative.

Unhappy organizations fall below their potential.

Happiness is energy.

10 ways leaders inspire happiness:

  1. Enjoy happiness. Some leaders fear happiness. Honor happiness when you see it.
  2. Earn trust. Be a trustworthy leader. Have you had a leader you didn’t trust? Were you happy? Productive? Trust  precedes happiness. Distrust produces unhappiness.
  3. Promote transparency. Silos are made of secrets. Transparency eliminates secrets.
  4. Listen. Listening is cost effective. You don’t have to agree or solve. Listen to understand. Relax. Talk less. Make space for silence. Happiness stands on feeling understood.
  5. Focus on meaning and purpose. Meaningful work inspires happiness. Remind people how their work matters. Let them know they matter.
  6. Connect strengths and talents to challenges and opportunities. Everyone on your team sucks at something. Choose to acknowledge and leverage their strengths.
  7. Give control. The more controlling you are, the more unhappiness you cause.
  8. Show appreciation. Name behaviors you admire. Dive below results to behaviors that produce results.
  9. Be friendly.
  10. Make values based decisions. Profits matter, but it’s not just about profit anymore.

Which of these happiness principles seems most important to you?

How do leaders inspire happiness at work?