As leaders, we should know what our followers want and need from us. We should know what is demotivating them in the work assigned them. Dan Rockwell offers some excellent insight on what frustrates followers and what they  really need from their leaders.

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell

Success includes avoiding useless behaviors, paying attention to people, and tending to small things.


  1. Tolerating high performers who act like jerks.
  2. Avoiding tough issues.
  3. Giving themselves special privileges.
  4. Ignoring morale.
  5. Throwing people into situations without preparation.
  6. Pushing, pushing, pushing.
  7. Meddling in everyone’s business.
  8. Throwing tantrums like babies.
  9. Rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off.
  10. Treating people like tools.
  11. Complaining about how tough their job is.
  12. Forgetting what it’s like to worry about paying the bills.

Success is more about people than you think.


  1. Please get jazzed about something. I’m tired of long faces on my leaders. You think it makes you look important. In reality, you look depressed.
  2. Tell others about my extraordinary effort, remarkable results, and positive energy.
  3. Say thank you. So what if I’m paid to do the job. Gratitude is cost effective.
  4. The leaders who influence me the most have been in my life the longest. Hang with me when times are tough.
  5. Let me know how I’m doing. Nearly every person I ask says they would like more feedback.
  6. Lead me to do things that matter with other team members. Adopt an orphan as a team. Serve a local non-profit.
  7. Don’t pretend it’s easy, just believe we can find a way forward if we all pull together.
  8. Tell me where we’re going and trust me to make wise decisions to get there.
  9. See life from my point of view, not just yours.
  10. Tell me what I need to get ahead.