Sooner or later discouragement will overtake most leaders. What, with God’s grace, can you do to dig your way out before it buries you? Here is Dan Rockwell to help us with that.

Originally posted by Dan Rockwell

The only reason encouragement matters is because discouragement is real.

Positive thinking addresses the reality of negative. Dark feelings give relevance and power to positive.

15 ways to dig out of discouragement:

  1. Address the problem of feeling like you’re the only one. Ask trusted friends if they ever feel discouraged.  In this sense, misery loves company.
  2. Change your environment. Get out. Get away. Change a routine.
  3. Sleep, but don’t over-sleep. Rest, but don’t over-rest.
  4. Take long walks.
  5. Lift someone else. Get outside yourself.
  6. Ride it out. Give yourself time.
  7. Be kind to others. Hold the door open. Smile at people. Say thank you often and loudly.
  8. Celebrate progress.
  9. Finish a task that you’ve been putting off.
  10. Let go anger. Forgive. Release bitterness. Just draw a line and start fresh with people. Don’t expect your pound of flesh.
  11. Protect yourself from blood suckers.
  12. Evaluate yourself. Use discouragement as motivation to reflect.
  13. Record what you’re learning about yourself and leadership.
  14. Remember that negative experiences often change us for the better.
  15. Pray.


  1. Beat yourself up because you feel discouraged.
  2. Wait for others to encourage you. Encourage yourself.
  3. Make important decisions.

What do you do to encourage yourself?

How do you encourage others?