Leaders obviously think, but they think differently than others think.  How is their thinking different?  Read these comparisons from Dan Rockwell and find out if you think like a leader or not!

Originally posted on January 11, 2015 byDan Rockwell

The title of leader is common, even cheap. But, a person who thinks like a leader is a thing of beauty.

The first step toward becoming a leader is thinking like one.

Leadership is determined by the way you think about yourself, others, results, and organizations.


  1. Was it up to standard? / How can we do better?
  2. How can I get it done? / Who can get it done?
  3. Leave me alone so I can work? / Let’s do this together.
  4. I’m stressed. / What’s the emotional state of the team?
  5. Do what I want. / Do what we want.
  6. This is hard. / This is opportunity.
  7. I don’t know how. / Who knows how?
  8. I need help. / Who can I help?
  9. I’m not ready. / Let’s learn as we go.
  10. We can’t because… / What can we do?
  11. We’re done. / What’s next?
  12. We’ve always done it this way. / How can we simplify?
  13. It doesn’t matter. / How important is it?
  14. What do I enjoy doing? / What do you enjoy doing?
  15. Just ignore it. / Let’s deal with it.
  16. You screwed up. / What are you learning?

One thing more:

Thinking apart from taking action is futility.

Good people love getting things done. Leaders get things done through others.

What does thinking like a leader look like to you?

What does follower thinking look like?