What are the qualities of the ideal team member you would want to invite on your team? What are your non-negotiables for you? Suffice it to say that whom you allow on your team can either make or break that team.  This is a very important decision for your future success and fruitfulness.

Take a peek at what leadership freak Dan Rockwell has to say about this.



Posted July 12, 2014 by Dan Rockwell

Those who aren’t irritating aren’t fully known.

Everyone is irritating. They either do things that bug you, or, they leave something undone, and that bugs you.

What does a perfect teammate look like?


  1. Acknowledge your smartness and ask what you think. Perfect teammates consider your thoughts before quickly dismissing them. It feels good to be asked even if you don’t know.
  2. Smile at you. My wife has a perfect smile. We joke that I only need one thing from her, a smile. I look at her and wait. In takes a moment, then she smiles. Life is better. A smile is admiration.
  3. Want you to have more success than you currently enjoy. They aren’t threatened when you get ahead.
  4. Enjoy your point of view and have their own.
  5. Say, “I like it when you _______,” frequently. (A note to my sarcastic friends. You’re supposed to fill in the blank.)
  6. Share things that make you better, not just theories or complaints. “You should focus on the future more,” doesn’t help.

Bonus: Perfect teammates aren’t irritating.


Perfect teammates generously focus on you more than themselves.


The seven marks of perfect teammates are awesome when you’re on the receiving side. But, they feel different when you are on the giving side.

Go BE a perfect teammate.


Choose one of the seven marks of a perfect teammate and do it for your team today.

I thought it would be fun to describe what I wanted in a perfect teammate. But, it felt different when I started applying the list to myself.

Maybe my teammates aren’t as irritating as I thought.

What is your perfect teammate like?
How are you being a “perfect” teammate?