On Mars Hill Church’s very public website, the following was posted on Friday, March 7, 2014:

“A former staff elder, Dave Kraft, whose disagreements with Mars Hill policies have recently been made public, had previously communicated with the BOAA numerous times that he was satisfied with the steps we have taken to address his concerns.”

When I saw this, I felt it was time for me (not just through others who are quoting me) to begin sharing what has happened to bring me to this point in my relationship with MHC, in general, and with the Executive Elders of MHC, in particular.

I will have more to say in coming days, but right now I want to say this to set the record straight.

My purpose in everything I have said and done to this point has been to:

See the Holy Spirit enable and empower Pastor Mark to own his sin and to confess and repent. I am praying that he comes to his knees in humility and contriteness rather than see him leave.

At the end of my “Formal Charges” which I sent through the Board of Advisors and Accountability (which I shall hereafter refer to as the BOAA) I said this:

“My bottom line desire in all of this is that the Holy Spirit would convict Pastor Mark Driscoll of his sin and enable him to repent, demonstrated by changed biblical behaviors and attitudes so that Mars Hill Church will have a healthier leadership and a healthier culture.” May 10, 2013

Before May 10,and after May 10, I communicated with Pastor Mark multiple times concerning these very serious issues.

I (and my wife, Susan) love Pastor Mark and Mars Hill Church and want to see ongoing kingdom impact, but believe that this impact will be truncated and harmed if true confession and repentance doesn’t take place for past hurt and harm to multiplied dozens of people, among them Mars Hill pastors and former members of the Executive Elders.

Now, in response to the article posted by the BOAA on Friday, March 7, let me say this:

I am doing much more than “disagreeing with policy.” 

This is an understatement to end all understatements. I am taking issue with attitudes and actions that I believe are in clear violation of I Timothy 3, Titus 1 and I Peter 5 and may be grounds for church discipline or outright removal. 

What I addressed in my “Formal Charges” on May 10, 2013 is very serious and was taken seriously by the BOAA. I was told by the chairman of the BOAA that although (in the BOAA’s mind) the charges were not serious enough for immediate removal from leadership for Mark, they could be depending on how he responded to the charges and what he did going forward.

We are talking about some very serious stuff here that can (and perhaps will) be supported by former leaders telling their story of what happened to them.

I have honestly been encouraged and “Satisfied with the steps that have been taken” in the past,” but am currently far from it. Words like: Frustrated, sad and disappointed would better describe how I feel about results related to the actions of the BOAA.

 So what does Dave Kraft really want to see happen?

1.  I would (as would countless other former leaders from MHC) like to see Pastor Mark Driscoll publicly acknowledge that he has seen the charges, that they are true and that he will take whatever time and attention is needed to intentionally deal with the charges, which may entail a short sabbatical from work to focus on this.

2.  I would like to see Pastor Mark publicly state that he is sorry, that he has sinned, that he will deal with his past sin and make himself accountable in so doing to an unbiased group of leaders who will hold his feet to the fire on this.

I would appreciate prayer that I would honor Jesus in everything I do and say in these matters and that I would be truthful and courageous.

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.”  1 Corinthians 16:13,14 (ESV)

More later.