Originally posted by Craig Jarrow

You were going to get up early today.

Instead, you stayed up late last night.

Now, after resetting your alarm twice, you are rushing to get out the door.

What could you have done if you had gotten up early today?

Up Late, What Did you Get Done?

You stayed up last night, but what did you accomplish?

Were you productive?

Or did you watch the late late show? Or maybe surfed the web endlessly? Or played Angry Birds?

“Early to bed and early to start your day. That is how you get things done.”

Next time, instead of burning the midnight oil, get to bed early so that you can get a fresh start on tomorrow.

The Early Bird Gets the Head Start

Some people say they are more productive at night.

However, I am big believer that they early bird always gets the head start.

So, before you hit the snooze button again, ask yourself, “What do I want more than a few extra minutes of sleep?”

Here Are 10 Things You Could Have Done If You Got Up Early:

  1. Workout – The best time to workout is first thing. What better to wake you up and get the blood flowing? And you know that if you put off that workout until after work… that it won’t get done.
  2. Read – You want to read more, but when to find the quiet time to do it? Read early and start your day with new ideas and stories.
  3. Think – One of the best times to come up with new ideas is first thing in the morning. You will find that you have many ideas that your subconscious mind came up with while you were asleep.
  4. Catch Up – Double check your list. Now is the time to catch up and complete any last tasks that you didn’t get to yesterday.
  5. Make a Plan – Before you start your day, make a plan. Review your calendar and know your obligations. Review and add to your todo list. Know what you are going to do today, and have a plan as to how you are going to accomplish it.
  6. Work on that Big Project – Trying to get extra time to work on that big passion project you have? Get up early and make time to work on it each and every day. Maybe it is a hobby, maybe it’s your blog, or maybe it is the business you are starting.
  7. Get Your Forever Task Done – What task has been lingering on your todo list for weeks? (or months!) Get it done while you can give it some undivided attention.
  8. Prepare for Your Day – Having a plan is good. (See #5) However, the real secret is to prepare for your day. Review the materials for your meeting. Scan your notes for the presentation. Practice the pitch you have to give today. Knowing what you need to do and being ready to do it are two different things.
  9. Relax – While everyone else is sleeping is a great time to just relax. If you are a parent, this may be the only quiet time of the day you see. Enjoy the peace, quiet, and solitude.
  10. Get a Head Start – Go ahead and get started on your todo list! Knock out some of your most dreaded tasks now, even before the day begins.

Get Up Early and Get At It

You can be the early bird. You can get up early and get ready for your day.

By the time you are at work, you will have already have accomplished more than most people will do all day long.

Others will be stumbling into work wondering when their first appointment is, what they need to do, and where they need to be.

Meanwhile, you will already be three steps ahead of the pack and ready to take on your day.

+ Question: What do you get done when you get up early? You can leave a comment by clicking here.