Originally posted by Brad Lomenick on November 15, 2013

As leaders, one of our biggest struggles many times is our Ego. Those of us who are Type A Leaders really struggle with Ego. With pride. Being boastful about our own accomplishments. Arrogance. Untouchable. Always talking about ourselves and making sure everything revolves around us.

No one sets out to be arrogant or to have a larger than life ego, but it just usually happens slowly over time, without us being aware.

And once everyone notices, many times its too late because we have so many things in place allowing our ego to flourish uncontrollably. The more influence you have, the more you are pulled away from reality and having those around you who will keep you humble.

Here is a simple solution: LET YOUR EGO LEAK. 

Ego leak is the practice of ridding oneself of pride through the pipeline of praising others around you.

Ego Leak is a GOOD THING, when it’s focused in the right direction.

Squelch your own ego by focusing ALL of your bragging, arrogance, pride and boasting on and around OTHERS. Talk constantly about your team, about your children, about your spouse, about your family, about your friends, and about your staff.

Brag on God, on Jesus, on the Church. On His goodness and grace. Let your Ego leak freely on behalf of building others up.

If you are like most of us who consider ourselves to be leaders, your ego will leak out regardless, so you might as well put it to good use, bragging on those around you.