Effective leaders are life-long learners and life-long learners are life-long readers. By his grace I was able to ready/study/absorb & apply ideas from 35 books to my life in 2013.

I believe this happens because:

  • I am committed to being a life-long learner/reader
  • I set challenging but realistic goals in my reading
  • I put reading into my schedule and protect it, so other things don’t trump that dedicated time

I read exclusive in electronic format & have done so for three or four years now. I read on my ipad ordering books from Amazon. I read mostly non-fiction in the areas of: Business, politics, church, sports and leadership.

Since several have asked, here are my top five reads from 2013 in order of the impact and usefulness they have been to me…personally and professionally.

  1. “The Talent Mandate” by Andrew Benett
  2. “Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code” by Samuel Chand
  3. “The Catalyst Leader” by Brad Lomenick
  4. “Make Or Break Your Church in 365 Days” by Paul Borden
  5. “Conviction To Lead” by Albert Mohler 

On this blog site, and under the tab “Book Notes,” you will find all five of these.

  • Why not set a challenging but realistic goal for reading this year? 
  • Why not put reading time in your schedule as a commitment?
  • Why not do your best to protect those times and not let things of lessor importance steal that precious investment in your leadership?

+ You will be a better leader for the purposes of God and for the glory of God!