Posted September 26, 2013 by:  Brad Lomenick

How many times do you hear that? From your team, your friends, your family, the organization you work for, your church, your kids, etc.

“There’s no way I can do that!”….. “Our team could never pull that off!”….. “Well it’s easy for (so and so) to accomplish that kind of game changing project, because they have a massive team and lots of money”……”I’m not that smart or that connected to pull the right people together…..” And on and on and on.

STOP using this as an excuse. As believers, as followers of Jesus, if we’re not chasing after something that is so much bigger than we are, and there’s no way we could ever accomplish it without God, then we are playing it too safe.

Is there currently something you are working on, organizing, idea crafting that is so big that everyone around you says “There’s no way!!” If not, it’s time to think big. Get outside your comfort zone. Dream about accomplishing a project so out of your abilities that it keeps you up at night.

God calls us to think big. If we are only working on something that we can accomplish on our own, with our own strength, I’m not sure that’s good enough.

So what’s on your heart or stirring in you that you keep pushing back because it just doesn’t seem possible? Whatever it is, put it on the table. Stretch. Pursue it. “There’s no way” those around you will say. But there is a way. God can accomplish what seems impossible to us. With our sweat. And our work. Through His power.

There IS a way WE can do that……